6Our installation team members are experienced and thorough. Above all, they have the personal belief that every job should be done as if he were doing it in his own home. Our highly trained team understands how to install the most cutting edge styles of high efficiency systems. Along with an excellent product, you can expect any unit that we install to look clean, uncluttered, and aesthetically pleasing.

Company founder and owner Rodney Krantz has a firm policy that all new technicians must begin by working on the installation team. “A good technician must know how to properly install a system because many problems come from improper duct systems or improper installs. If you change a part and don’t see why it failed, it’s going to probably fail again.” We vow to do repairs correctly and thoroughly the first time-saving you time and money.


5Our service and repair team has a reputation for being second to none. We take pride in our abilities to diagnose and repair problems that others cannot figure out. Many times, we have been asked by home owners to provide estimates for installing a new unit, and we have ended up repairing the unit instead, saving the home owner money and gaining more years out of their original investment. Our team will always provide a thorough check of your current system. When it is not cost effective to repair the unit, we will then discuss your options. No two customers’ needs or desires are the same. We will listen to your needs and present you with options. All of our service technicians are capable of pricing and selling new units when necessary; therefore, there is no need for a separate sales division in our company. You can rest assured that the first price we provide to you will be the best price.

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