3 Common Heating Noises and What They’re Trying to Tell You

While winter is a beautiful time of year in West Columbia, South Carolina, the cold weather means that homeowners have to rely on their heaters more than usual. This extra usage can cause wear and tear, which can be easily detected if your heater is making strange noises. Let’s discuss some common heating noises that West Columbia homeowners might hear this winter.

Creaking or Popping

If you haven’t used your heater for some time, it’s common to hear creaking and popping noises when you first turn it back on. The changing temperatures can cause your heating system’s pipes to expand and contract, which can be a little noisy. These noises should stop as the temperature stabilizes. However, if the creaking or popping continues into the winter season, you should contact an HVAC professional. Constant creaking could indicate severe damage that could get worse or even be dangerous to residents if left unattended.


When you turn on your heater and hear metal scraping against metal, this could indicate a loose nut in the blower wheel or a broken blower wheel. It could also mean that the blower wheel casing is improperly mounted. It’s essential to have the problem diagnosed and repaired by an expert as soon as possible. In addition to the annoying noises, a malfunctioning blower wheel can affect your heater’s efficiency, leaving you with higher utility bills.


Buzzing is another common heating noise that could indicate any number of issues. If your heating unit is improperly mounted, the mounting brackets might buzz. If the buzzing sound is coming from the blower, the fan motor is likely damaged. Problems with the capacitor can also cause buzzing. An HVAC professional, using specialized tools, will be able to diagnose the issue and make the necessary repairs, to prevent further damage.

At Krantz Kooling and Heating, our team of experts is ready to address your heating problems. Call us today at (803) 672-3224 if your heater is making noises or you’d like to schedule a system tune-up.

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