It is crucial for Blythewood, SC, residents to maintain a constant flow of fresh air. If you have concerns that your home does not have enough ventilation, consider installing a ventilation system. Here are signs you need to look out for that signal you need mechanical ventilation.

Inadequate Airflow

A properly ventilated home has adequate bouts of fresh air flowing into every room every minute. However, a lack of ventilation will make your home feel stuffy and dry. The total volume of air recommended by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers is 0.35 total air exchanges between indoor and outdoor air.

The mechanical ventilator connects to the HVAC system, and it expels the stale air outside, while at the same time bringing fresh air into the house. The ventilator is energy-efficient since it uses energy from the outdoor air to pre-condition the incoming air.

Accumulated Dust Particles

You might notice dust particles accumulating in certain parts of your house. It is easy to blame dust accumulation on the improper cleaning of the house. However, poor ventilation could be the problem if you often dust your home and still find dust particles.

Outdoor air will enter and leave your house through mechanical ventilation and natural ventilation. Our technicians can help you understand how a mechanical ventilator works to eliminate dust particles and improve indoor air quality.

Unpleasant Odors

If you notice an unpleasant odor stemming from your home, you might want to look into getting a ventilation system. Some of the unpleasant odors include tobacco smoke, stale food and biological growth. You need to determine the persistence, the rate at which the odors travel and the odors’ specific locations.

If you’re interested in installing a mechanical ventilator in your home, contact Krantz Kooling and Heating to schedule an appointment.

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