3 Things You Should Know About Spring Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Your commercial HVAC system needs to be in good condition in order for your business to thrive. Spring is almost here in Columbia, SC, which means it’s time to turn on air conditioning for relief from high temperatures and humidity. To ensure that your commercial HVAC system performs efficiently this spring and summer, schedule a commercial HVAC maintenance checkup before hot summer temperatures set in.

Maintenance Ensures Proper Performance

Most manufacturers recommend tune-ups before the first use of air conditioning in the spring and heating in the fall. If an air conditioner has not been used for several months, filters may be dirty. Clean filters help keep both the equipment and the indoor air clean. In addition, moisture can cause electrical contacts to corrode, and refrigerant levels may need to be adjusted. A certified HVAC contractor will inspect every component of the system during a spring AC maintenance checkup, including air distribution systems, dehumidification systems, pumps, filters, condensing units and air handlers.

Tune-Ups Extend the Service Life of the System

A commercial HVAC system is a major investment. Proper maintenance prolongs service life and saves money on repairs. Clean components ensure that air flows freely, allowing coils to perform efficiently during the refrigeration cycle. When each element of the system operates efficiently, there is less strain on components. By identifying and correcting small problems as they occur, repairs tend to be less costly.

Regular Checkups Reduce Energy Bills

Heating and cooling account for almost half of all energy usage in commercial buildings. Regular maintenance can reduce the energy the HVAC system uses by up to 20 percent. Repairing and insulating ducts can improve efficiency by an additional 20 percent. This not only lowers energy bills but improves indoor comfort.

Krantz Kooling and Heating offers a number of maintenance plans to keep your commercial HVAC equipment operating efficiently. Contact our NATE-certified service technicians to select a commercial HVAC maintenance plan that suits your needs.

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