3 Tips for Improving Commercial HVAC Efficiency in Dentsville, SC

Dentsville, SC, is a perfectly charming community with warm weather conditions throughout a large portion of the year. While warm weather is nice, it can often contribute to expensive commercial HVAC costs for business owners. What can you do to help your HVAC system function more efficiently throughout the warm weather season?

1. Follow Your HVAC System’s Maintenance Recommendations

When your HVAC system is new, all of the parts are clean and in great working order. With heavy use, the components can quickly become filthy and worn out, and this directly impairs peak operational efficiency. You can easily reverse the effects of time and wear on your commercial HVAC system by following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.

2. Focus on the Ducts

As air circulates through the air ducts, deposits of dust and other elements will settle in them. Dirty air ducts hinder the full flow of air through the ducts, and this directly detracts from efficiency. Review the cleanliness and the condition of your ducts periodically to determine if they need attention.

3. Improve Sealant and Insulation

If your commercial building is not airtight, the heated or cooled air can escape. This causes the HVAC system to run for longer periods of time than it otherwise would need to. If you haven’t recently inspected the condition of your building’s insulation and the quality of the door and window seals, now is the time to search for areas that require improvement.

Schedule Commercial HVAC Service Today

If your HVAC system is not running as efficiently as it should be, your business may be paying higher energy bills than necessary. In addition, the HVAC system may have a reduced lifespan and more repair issues over the years. Our team at Krantz Kooling and Heating is available to serve all of your commercial HVAC service needs, including repairs, maintenance services and new installations.

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