Maintaining your HVAC system is critical for optimal performance. To keep your system operating at its peak, performing a few easy checkups will go a long way. These simple maintenance tasks that could help eliminate the need for costly repairs. Performing these maintenance tasks will preserve your system throughout the year in West Columbia, SC.

Clean the External Unit

Clear any debris around your unit to make sure there isn’t an overgrowth of plants. Cleaning the condenser fan and fins help maintain the longevity of your system.

Clean the Internal Unit

Cleaning the internal equipment of your unit will keep your system functioning properly. With the use of a wet-dry vacuum and a soft brush, you can clean the evaporator coil and the evaporator drain.

Change Your Filter

The simplest and easiest way to maintain your HVAC system is by changing the filer. A clean filter allows your system to function without overworking. It also increases the efficiency of your unit and helps to lower your monthly bills.

Adjust the Thermostat

If you are planning a long trip, increasing the temperature of your thermostat helps reduce the amount of energy your system uses. This is also a benefit for your monthly utility bills. The use of a smart thermostat is great for the times you plan to be away from home.

Performing simple tasks can keep your unit properly functioning throughout the year. HVAC maintenance is particularly important in lowering monthly energy costs in West Columbia, SC. To make sure your system is properly maintained, partner with one of the top local HVAC companies. Krantz Kooling & Heating is a service provider you can trust. Give us a call today.

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