5 Reasons Fall HVAC Maintenance Should Be a Priority

During the summer, your air conditioner works hard to keep your home cool every day. As cooler weather approaches, your HVAC system will need maintenance to make sure it functions optimally. If you live in Cayce, SC, here are five reasons you should schedule fall HVAC maintenance.

Prevent a Sudden HVAC Failure

Getting caught in a cold house with a broken HVAC system in winter is not a pleasant situation. Scheduling HVAC system maintenance will keep your coils, electrical lines and sensors working properly. The HVAC technician can use some of this time to check your thermostat setting and ensure you get the desired temperature when you program the thermostat.

Maintain Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Your HVAC system is responsible for cleaning the air in your home by trapping dust and debris in the air filters. As the temperatures get cold, and there is dampness around, biological growth thrives. Inspecting your HVAC to make sure the air filters are clean and your blowers are clean will keep your air free of pollutants in the coming months.

Promote Efficient Energy Usage

Heating costs make up a significant percentage of your home’s total energy expenses. The HVAC system can lose energy due to gas leakage, loose connections or cracked heat exchangers. During a tune-up, the technicians can check both the outdoor and indoor units to make sure they’re operating efficiently.

Clear Debris and Clutter

Take time to trim branches hanging on your outdoor units that could easily fall on them, and remove leaves collected around and inside the units. Eliminate any clutter, like storage boxes and furniture, that blocks air vents to allow for smooth airflow.

Schedule Maintenance During the Fall

In the fall, it’s easy to arrange a visit from HVAC technicians since it’s a season when fewer people call for emergency services. This translates to cheaper maintenance than in winter when systems are prone to breaking down and the demand for emergency services grows.

A properly maintained HVAC system is not only cost-effective but also prevents ill health due to poor air quality. Call us today at Krantz Kooling and Heating to schedule your fall HVAC maintenance visit.

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