5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat in Chapin, SC

To operate correctly, your HVAC system needs a functioning thermostat to keep your home comfortable. With summer quickly approaching in Chapin, SC, you need to know if you can rely on your thermostat. Here are five signs it’s time to upgrade to a smart thermostat.

1. Higher Energy Bill

Unless your utility company raises their rates or there’s a hotter-than-normal period during the upcoming summer months, your utility bills should remain stable. However, if your thermostat isn’t reading the temperature correctly, it keeps your HVAC system on longer, which raises your utility bills.

2. Incorrect Thermostat Readings

Your thermostat uses a sensor to determine the temperature of your home before activating your HVAC system. You can test your thermostat by using a portable indoor thermometer and comparing it to what your thermostat displays. If you have a thermostat displaying incorrect temperatures, it could keep your HVAC system running longer.

3. Outdated Thermostat

Modern thermostats have a 10-year lifespan, after which they need replacing, especially if you have a non-programmable thermostat. A smart thermostat learns your routine and adjusts the temperature accordingly to save on the amount of energy you use.

4. Undesired Temperature or Humidity

Your thermostat should keep your home at the temperature you desire. If you have a malfunctioning thermostat, you experience higher or lower temperatures than what you want. A smart thermostat keeps your entire home comfortable, including keeping it at healthy humidity levels for your indoor air quality.

5. Unresponsive Thermostat

Your thermostat should react immediately to any temperature changes you make. For example, when you lower the temperature for your air conditioner, you should hear slight clicking sounds before your HVAC system activates. If your HVAC system doesn’t respond promptly, then you need to replace your thermostat.

Don’t let your old thermostat cause problems for you this spring and summer. Contact Krantz Kooling and Heating today to learn more about how to upgrade to a smart thermostat and how it improves your heating and air conditioning experience.

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