Air Balancing 101: How it Can Affect Your Columbia, SC Business

A comfortable environment is important not only for employees but also for customers. Having a balanced HVAC system can help ensure the comfort of your clients and your employees. Here’s a quick overview of air balancing and two ways that air balancing can affect your Columbia, South Carolina, business.

Positive vs. Negative

Air balancing refers to the pressure in your home. Typically, changes in air pressure are caused by an inefficient or faulty HVAC system. Negative air pressure is the more serious of the two conditions. and it often presents itself as whistling, heavy doors, random air drafts, or unusually hot or cold rooms. Positive air pressure can create a sense of stuffiness or mugginess. These issues occur because your HVAC system is either putting in more air than it’s cycling out or vice versa. Positive and negative pressure can both be avoided by having a properly functioning HVAC system. Regular maintenance can often catch these issues.


An uncomfortable office makes for a distracting office. In an office environment, the climate control system is vital to maintaining a comfortable setting. Unbalanced air is notorious for creating discomfort, whether because of hot spots or regular drafts. The more your employees are focused on their discomfort, the less likely they are to stay at peak productivity. Even if you have the most decked-out office and the best employee amenities, unbalanced air will create nothing but problems.


If your business is customer-based, such as a coffee shop or retail store, balanced air is even more important. One of the best ways to get customers into your place of business and keep them there is to create a welcoming environment. If your air is out of balance, you may find it difficult to get customers to stick around. No one can sit and enjoy a meal when they’re physically uncomfortable, and people are less likely to stay and browse your products if they can’t wait to leave.

Regular HVAC maintenance can help solve your air balance issues. Give Krantz Kooling and Heating a call today at (803) 672-3224 to set up a maintenance schedule today!

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