Why is my AC making a whistling noise?

When your air conditioner starts whistling, it’s easy to conclude that something is terribly wrong. Thankfully, the repair is generally one you can manage yourself.

For the most part, your air conditioner is whistles because the airflow is restricted. This situation is often due to clogged air filters that are overdue for changing, return vents blocked by furniture or wall hangings, closed dampers preventing air from being delivered to rooms, or simply shut doors stopping air from being pulled from rooms for circulation.

If the unit still whistles even after the steps are taken, it is time to pull in a professional.

Whistling sounds could be anything from leaky ducts to refrigerant leaks. It could also be an oversized system putting too much strain on your ductwork or undersized grille. These projects can move from costly to dangerous if not fixed correctly. Tinkering with anything more than changing your filters, unblocking vents, and allowing airflow is not recommended. This is particularly true with a potential refrigerant issue. 

Krantz has trained their professionals to access and diagnose air conditioners of all brands, including industry leader Trane’s furnaces and air conditioners. With one call, we will send our technicians to determine the cause of your sound, as well as the most cost-efficient way to fix it.

If your AC whistling isn’t an easy fix, Krantz is here for you. Contact us today for a reliable and efficient solution to your HVAC issues.

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