Where is the air filter on a Trane air conditioner?

Most HVAC articles include guidance on changing your air filter. There’s an excellent reason for this simple and often-stated advice.

When your filter is clean, air flows through your air conditioner as designed. On the contrary, when your filter is taxed with a filthy mess of dust and debris, your unit must work harder to do the same job. The result is a delay in air delivery, causing cooled air to warm while simultaneously toying with an unnecessary repair or replacement from misuse. Not to mention sharing your living space with dust and allergens.

Yet, what happens if you cannot find your air filter on your Trane air conditioner? That makes for an impossible annual change. 

Where to find your air filter on a Trane air conditioner

Unlike a furnace filter located at the unit, an air filter is typically found in the return air duct. Look for the metal grate that brings air back to the unit. If you are unsure which vent that is, seek out the one that doesn’t blow air into the room, but if you were to place a paper on it while the furnace is running, it would suck the paper flat against it. 

Depending on your setup, the return air duct can have various spots for a filter. Here are your most common locations:

  • In front of the fan
  • Duct openings
  • In or behind the return air grill opening
  • Between the return vent and the air handler

Check the air return path for a slot about an inch wide with a removable cover. It may be in the attic, basement, closet, garage, ceiling, or crawl space. Look high and low, as it may be hidden to the untrained eye. If you still need help finding your air filter, call Krantz to help you locate it.

Ideally, change your filter once a year; however, with pets or someone living with allergies, you may want to change it more often. Being in the midst of South Carolina allergies, now is time to swap out your air filter. 

Don’t delay – swap it out today!


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