3 Benefits of a New Commercial HVAC System in Columbia, SC

As temperatures in Columbia, SC, become chillier, you need an efficient HVAC system to keep your clients and workers comfortable. Unfortunately, an old system cannot regulate temperatures as efficiently, as its parts have undergone significant wear and tear over the years. Here are the benefits of upgrading your commercial HVAC system before the winter cold arrives:

Reduced Energy Costs

HVAC technology has evolved significantly over the years. Modern HVAC systems come with improved technology that allows them to use energy optimally.

For instance, these systems use R410A refrigerant, while older units use R22 refrigerant. R410A refrigerant absorbs and releases heat more quickly than the R22 refrigerant.

This refrigerant often allows your system to regulate indoor temperatures in a shorter period than older systems. Therefore, your new HVAC system will likely use less energy than older systems because it takes less time to get your space to the set temperature.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

An inefficient commercial HVAC system cannot clean your indoor air efficiently. Poor indoor air quality causes headaches, running nose, throat irritations and watery eyes.

These symptoms create an uncomfortable environment for your workers, affecting their productivity. Some workers may also request days off if the pollutants make them ill.

Reduced productivity and absenteeism have a significant impact on your business. When you install a new commercial HVAC system, it can better reduce the contaminants in your indoor air, creating a conducive environment for your workers.

Fewer Commercial HVAC Breakdowns

An old commercial HVAC system may run constantly because the efficiency of its components has reduced over the years. As a result, its parts wear out quickly, resulting in frequent repairs. On the other hand, a newer HVAC system will only need repairs once in a while, as its parts are relatively new and highly efficient.

In general, a new HVAC system reduces your repair and energy costs and keeps your workers and clients comfortable. Contact Krantz Kooling and Heating for exceptional commercial HVAC services.

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