DIY Furnace Maintenance: How to service your own furnace

These DIY furnace fixes save you money and costly repairs. Hold onto your HVAC unit a little longer with good old-fashioned TLC.

Change your filter

The pros suggest you change that filthy cartridge every three months, although you may need to swap it out more often, depending on your lifestyle. Ensure you have the correct size and install it with the arrows pointing in the same direction as the one you took out. Pro-tip: bring a garbage bag when changing your filter so you don’t shake the dust and debris all over your house carrying it outside.

Check your vents

Are your return vents covered in dust? Do you see piled debris if you shine a light down your register? Have you completed a major renovation, and there’s drywall dust in your vents? It’s time to clean them out! If you aren’t sure how to clean your ducts and know they need it, contact Krantz!

Seal leaky ducts

Take a wet hand or a tissue and walk by exposed ductwork. Do you feel a breeze coming from the ducts? If so, you likely have a leak. Using mastic tape, seal any leaks in your ductwork. Pre-existing tape can compromise the mastic’s seal, so make sure you are working on a clean surface.

Clean it up

Check around your outdoor and indoor units. Do you see sticks, mulch, or other clutter? Clear it out for proper air circulation. Making your unit work harder to move air wears down parts quicker… and we are confident you have bigger plans for your money than throwing it at replacement parts for your HVAC unit.

Know when to call for help

This is not a shop class where tinkering is encouraged. Furnaces have gas, oil, and electrical parts. In some instances, tinkering can lead to dangerous situations for your entire household. When a fix requires more than a simple dusting, filter change, or tape, call Krantz. DIY where you can, and then let us handle the rest.

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