A packaged HVAC unit offers several benefits when compared to split systems, including improved indoor comfort and increased energy efficiency. Packaged units make it easier to control the humidity in your Chapin, South Carolina, home and offer quiet heating and cooling.

How Does a Packaged Unit Work?

A packaged HVAC system combines all of its components for heating and cooling your home into a single cabinet. Most times, the system is installed outside, which is beneficial if you live in a smaller home with minimal living space. Since there are fewer parts, packaged systems are usually less expensive to purchase and install. Maintenance costs are often reduced as well. The service technician only has to work on one unit instead of going back and forth between two different systems.

Like a split system, a packaged heating and cooling system is available in both single- and dual-stage versions. With a dual-stage packaged system, you’ll enjoy greater indoor comfort because the unit’s fan can run at two speeds. When it’s extremely hot or cold outside, the fan will run on high. During more comfortable temperatures, the fan switches over to low. This translates into maximum energy savings. It also ensures optimal indoor comfort by maintaining your preferred temperature.

Enhanced Humidity Control

Living in South Carolina, you undoubtedly know how brutal the humidity can get. With high indoor humidity levels, your home will feel warmer than the thermostat reading. As a result, you’ll keep the air conditioner on around the clock trying to stay cool. Most air conditioner packaged systems have filter drier system protection. This gives you more control over the humidity in the home so you feel more comfortable when it’s hot outside.

Thinking about upgrading to a packaged HVAC system to maximize your indoor comfort levels? Contact Krantz Kooling and Heating today at (803) 672-3224. We can perform a heating and cooling assessment to help you determine the most appropriate system for your home.

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