Help! My evaporator coil has frozen over.

Within your air conditioner lies a critical element: the evaporator coil. This component uses refrigerant to gather heat from inside your home and transfer it outside. However, like any machine, parts can go bad. How can you tell, and what should you do, if your evaporator coils are on the fritz?

Knowing the signs of a malfunctioning evaporator coil allows you to know when to call Krantz and is key to preventing a unit breakdown. If your AC won’t turn on, starts or stops prior to a full cooling, or is no longer cooling your rooms, it is likely time to give us a buzz. If you notice any strange noises, frozen or dusty coils, or visible refrigerant leaks, call Krantz ASAP. Refrigerant is toxic and can cause serious harm or death. Do not attempt to DIY a fix; call for a trained technician for help.

Maintaining clean air filters is a simple yet effective way to prolong the lifespan of your evaporator coil and prevent premature issues. This practice traps dust and dirt rather than circulating it through your home and settling on the coils. Filthy coils are more prone to frosting over, as the refrigerant won’t be able to capture the warmth from the air as efficiently.

Rest assured, we train our Krantz technicians to evaluate and identify any issues with your AC unit. Whether you have a top-of-the-line Trane unit or the AC that came with the house 15 years ago, our technicians can complete yearly maintenance, dust any coils needing attention, and take care of a leak, should it be found. 

Spending a small amount on yearly maintenance is better than waiting until a coil needs replacement. Evaporator coils can run from $600 to over $2k! Don’t wait until the thick of a South Carolina summer to check on your ac unit. Call Krantz today to ensure your AC is ready for the muggy humidity lurking around the bend.


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