Let’s talk furnace issues: Parts most likely to go bad

With early spring’s unpredictable weather, you may find yourself reaching to flip back on the heat. If you have furnace issues, don’t despair. We have you covered with these common furnace problems.

Flame sensor

This safety feature detects if your furnace is burning gas or has a flame. When it is dirty, the burner light will not stay lit. If the flame is dirty, use a soft brush and electrical contact cleaner to clean the sensor, but turn off the gas and electricity before starting any repairs or investigations!


Although igniter problems are caused by the everyday use of a furnace, that doesn’t change the fact that a problem is still a problem. If you find that the igniter is not… well… igniting, your next step is to call Krantz for a diagnostic test. We can check that you are dealing with an actual igniter problem and not something else masking itself as a faulty igniter. 

Inducer or blower motor

The inducer motor pulls air into the combustion area, through the heat exchanger, and out the exhaust pipe, whereas the blower motor blows air throughout the house. The motor’s parts may fail to function for endless reasons, including wear and tear, bugs, dirt, or critters trying to find warmth. While you can attempt to clean out the motors or replace them, you risk damaging parts or spending unnecessary money playing a guessing game. The safest avenue is to give Krantz a call for a maintenance check.


The motherboard is responsible for the furnace’s functions and can be damaged by overheating, dirt and dust, power surges, or electrical problems. We recommend checking your furnace’s manual and completing annual checkups to help prevent damage to the motherboard. If it seems as if the motherboard is a current issue, you can replace it. DIYers could attempt it, but with so many components depending on the motherboard, we recommend a professional take this task on. 

If your furnace’s parts have gone a bit south, call Krantz. Although spring can bring bouts of chills, most of the weather is pleasant. Shutting your furnace off for a repair or maintenance visit while the weather is mild is the perfect time. 

Don’t let issues spiral out of control; call Krantz today!


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