How long does a Trane AC unit last?

Draining your emergency fund on an AC unit is likely not your idea of fun. Yet, as your AC unit ages, it is natural to question the number of years you can squeeze out of it. 

How you treat your unit and how often you use it highly alters how long it resides in your home. Generally, a Trane AC unit lasts 15-20 years, given the wear and tear it experiences. Don’t be discouraged if you are edging close to the 15-year mark. There are financing options and specials available for customers.

Is my AC unit starting to wear down?

Long before your unit turns over its last cycle, it will likely give you signs the end is near. 

  1. You are reaching the 15 year mark: when you approach the beginning of the end, consider setting aside money for a replacement unit. Even the best-kept machines eventually wear out.
  2. Your monthly bills are climbing: this wallet drain is a sign your unit is working harder to perform the same functions and is a clue you may need to replace the unit.
  3. You have Krantz on speed dial: when our technicians visit more than their regular maintenance call, your unit may be about to go.
  4. You are experiencing odd sounds or smells: be on alert for sounds, bangs, clanks, or smells that cannot be explained.
  5. Your rooms are hot: if the cool air isn’t reaching the rooms to cool them down, you may be experiencing the end of your unit.
  6. Your unit is outdated and using a banned refrigerant: R-22 was once the refrigerant of choice, but due to its ability to deplete the ozone, it is now banned.

How do I make my unit last longer?

Just like tending to your car, the more TLC you give your unit, the longer it lasts. Ensuring debris is away from the unit, setting up regular maintenance plans, and regularly changing filters go a long way. If anything out of the ordinary occurs, call Krantz before a repair turns into a breakdown.

Ready to look into a new Trane AC unit? No need to search. Krantz is here to help you find the proper Trane unit for your home and its needs. Perfectly happy with your AC unit? Wonderful! Stay that way with regular maintenance.

Don’t be caught in the sweltering summer heat without a cool blast of AC. Set up a routine maintenance plan today.


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