Is Bigger Always Better When It Comes to Furnaces?

If it’s time to replace your furnace in Dentsville, SC, you might think that bigger is always better. Many factors go into determining the correctly sized furnace for your home. Keep in mind that oversized furnaces can cause several problems that can cost you money in the long run.

Why Furnace Size Is Important

Both undersized and oversized furnaces are problematic for similar reasons. An undersized furnace must continually run to keep the home at the proper temperature.

An oversized furnace heats too quickly and causes the unit to turn on and off frequently. When the number of times the unit turns on increases, parts are more likely to break and require HVAC maintenance.

What Is Short Cycling?

Short cycling is when the furnace continually turns on and off before reaching the proper temperature. For instance, you might have the thermostat set at 72 degrees, and the furnace shuts off at 68 degrees.

Such a shut off means that your house remains cold. Constant turning off and on will cause parts to wear out more quickly, which leads to expensive HVAC repairs. Scheduling furnace maintenance every fall helps protect you from this problem.

How to Properly Size Your Furnace

Professionals consider several factors when sizing your furnace. They consider the total square footage, the amount and type of insulation and the architectural factors of your building. Having the right-sized furnace will help you save on heating bills and help your new furnace last longer.

If you’re thinking about installing a new furnace, the professionals at Krantz Kooling and Heating will help you choose the right system for your home and provide expert installation services. Give the team a call today to help your home be safer, more comfortable and more efficient with a furnace that fits your needs.

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