Even though heat pumps can last 10-20 years, they eventually need replacement over time. If your HVAC system in Irmo, SC, is nearing the 15-year mark, you need to start thinking about a replacement. Read on to learn more about the signs that you need a new heat pump.

Decreased Efficiency

Heat pumps are an ideal heating and cooling solution since they’re highly efficient and economical. However, like any machine, they’re susceptible to wear over time and become less efficient, thus becoming unable to maintain a comfortable home environment at the same cost as before. When that happens, you’ll notice a spike in your energy bills since the HVAC system tends to work harder to compensate for lost efficiency.

Frequent Repairs

Nearly all mechanical systems will need repairs at some point. However, if your heat pump starts to break down regularly, this is most likely a sign that it will need replacement soon.

Heating and Cooling Inconsistency

Ideally, your heat pump should comfortably provide consistent heating or cooling for your home. Whenever you experience hot and cold spots, such as other rooms being hotter or cooler than expected, your HVAC system may be at the end of its lifespan. Schedule an inspection with a skilled HVAC technician to advise on the best approach in replacement.

Heat Pump Running Constantly

Usually, heat pumps operate in cycles, meaning they turn on and off as prompted by the thermostat once they’ve heated or cooled your home to the desired range. However, if your HVAC system runs continuously, then there’s a problem.

If so, let an expert determine if it’s a communication problem between the heat pump and thermostat or another problem.

If you’ve noticed the above signs with your heat pump, let our professionals inspect it and find a lasting solution. Contact Krantz Kooling and Heating today for quality heating repair and installation services in Irmo, SC.

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