My furnace is overheating & shutting off. What’s causing it?

With cold weather, our furnace pulls double duty. When they shut off and overheat, it’s time to investigate. 

Our chilliest months are upon us; prepare for unexpected furnace malfunction by knowing the top reasons your furnace overheats.

Airflow and Internal Debris

Your air filter plays a vital role in your HVAC system’s functionality. When it becomes overrun with debris, a web of filth prevents the air from moving easily. Consequently, the fan must work harder to push air through the furnace. Extra energy spells overheating issues. 

If your air filter stays overloaded for too long, accumulation can push through the filter. At this point, internal components such as the coils, blowers, and fans are all at risk of overheating. Cleaning up these parts is not a DIY task. Give Krantz a call to schedule a maintenance appointment.

Prevent this accumulation by checking your filter. If it’s been more than three months or is looking a bit dirty, swap it out.

Short Cycling

Short cycling describes a process in which your unit turns on and off quickly in a row or stops heating before reaching the desired temperature. Your unit is attempting to prevent a fire hazard caused by overheating, so it short cycles. Unfortunately, this is often at the expense of replacing your system sooner because parts wear out faster. Check your thermostat to ensure it is operating correctly. If it seems to be working and your air filter is fresh, call Krantz to inspect your furnace.

Mechanical Failure

If your system isn’t short-cycling and the filters are clean, your system could succumb to wear and tear. Even those units kept in immaculate condition still have a lifespan. Often, a unit overheats before the inevitable breakdown. You can prolong replacement by servicing your machine. Minor issues are usually fixable, preventing the snowball effect and mechanical failure. 

Set up your winter maintenance visit

Overheating furnaces are not an out-of-the-ordinary event, but that doesn’t mean you want to play around with them. Anything mechanical can quickly turn into a costly repair or replacement if ignored. Preventative maintenance is the best way to stay on top of your unit. 

Krantz’s technicians are skilled at troubleshooting, so you can rest assured that your system is winter-ready and you are aware of potential issues.

Stay warm this winter. Schedule your Krantz checkup today.

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