3 Reasons You Need to Schedule a Spring AC Tuneup in Blythewood, SC

Nothing beats the discomfort of high humidity and harsh heat during the summer months in Blythewood, SC. If your air conditioner has been dormant for a while, you want to ensure that it’s in perfect condition before the summer heat becomes unbearable. Read on to understand the benefits of scheduling a spring AC tuneup.

Reduce the Risk of Breakdowns

During spring AC tuneup, our service technicians will clean or replace the air filters to improve your system’s efficiency. As a result, your AC system won’t work too hard to cool your home. As a result, the process of wear and tear will be less intense.

They will also perform any needed AC repairs and inspect your system for issues that are still minor. Then, they’ll handle these problems to prevent them from becoming more extensive, which might have sooner or later led to system malfunction.

Lower Your Energy Bills

A dirty and malfunctioning AC system will take longer to cool your home. Furthermore, if the repairs or replacements aren’t handled as soon as the need arises, your AC system will work harder to achieve the desired temperatures.

This translates to more energy use and higher utility bills. Fortunately, when you clean your filters and have repairs done in spring, you don’t have to worry about increased electric bills come summer.

Extend the Air Conditioner’s Lifespan

The two most important steps when extending your system’s lifespan are regular maintenance and ensuring that an expert handles all AC repairs on time. The good news is with spring AC tuneup, you can achieve both agendas at once. Remember, the cost of installing a new AC system is much higher compared to the cost of spring maintenance.

Since 1983, we’ve been delivering positive results for residents in Blythewood, SC, without compromising their safety or the integrity of their system and property. Contact us at Krantz Kooling and Heating for prompt and reliable spring AC tuneup services.

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