Winter in Columbia, South Carolina is a beautiful time of year. However, cooler temperatures mean you’re probably going to be using your furnace more, which could affect your home’s energy efficiency. If you’re a Columbia homeowner concerned about increased energy usage, it’s essential to make sure your furnace installation is the right size for your house.

Overworked Furnace

If your furnace is too small, it won’t be able to heat the whole house. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t try. An undersized furnace will run continuously in an attempt to heat the entire space. The constant running will result in a massive waste of energy and a higher electric bill. This ongoing attempt to reach your desired thermostat setting will also cause increased wear and tear, meaning you’ll have to replace your furnace more frequently.

Incessant Starting and Stopping

While an undersized furnace always runs, a furnace too large for your home will continually start and stop. An oversized furnace can quickly reach the desired thermostat temperature, meaning it will shut off and start up more often than a properly sized furnace. When a furnace starts up, that’s when it consumes the most energy. Therefore, a furnace that starts up repeatedly wastes a lot of energy. Also, the more a furnace switches on and off, the more wear and tear it suffers.

Less Comfort

Whether your furnace is too small or excessively large, it can make you uncomfortable in your own home if it’s not the right size. You’ll find yourself regularly adjusting the thermostat because your home is too warm or not warm enough. Besides, an oversized furnace can generate a lot of unwanted noise. With it, increased energy consumption and higher electric bills will also be a source of unnecessary stress.

At Krantz Kooling and Heating, our experts will assess your furnace to confirm if it’s the right size. Call us today at (803) 672-3224 to discuss your furnace and heating system needs.

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