Why Won’t My Furnace Ignite in Cayce, SC?

Furnaces offer a reliable and consistent means of warming your home. However, they’re prone to wear and tear that can interrupt operations when you least expect it. Here are four reasons you may be experiencing problems with furnace ignition in your Cayce, SC home.

The Thermostat

It’s essential to ensure that your thermostat is properly fixed and that the actual temperature of the room is colder than the set temperature of the thermostat. If that isn’t the case, try turning on the fan switch to force the furnace to start blowing air.

If your furnace still isn’t working, you can try checking your programmable thermostat for a fault code. Many new programmable thermostats will show a fault code if something is erroneous. You can check the display, and if there is an error, contact a technician to fix the problem.

Air Filters

Your heating system may not work well if there isn’t constant airflow. The cause of air not getting to your furnace igniter could be because dirty air filters limit it. You should change your filter at least once a month.

The Switch of the Furnace

The switch that is usually located inside the furnace may have been accidentally switched off, leading to a loss of power. You can check the switch and turn it back on if needed.

You should also look in the breaker to ensure that the power to the furnace is not tripped. If you find the power tripped, you can easily switch it back on. However, if it constantly trips, contact a technician to resolve the problem.

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