Your heater is blowing cold air: here’s some common causes

We are in the final month of spring. The chill is leaving the air, but not before a few last cold spells. If you find yourself cranking up your heater only to be met with a lack of warmth, this article’s for you.

Give your heater time

If you turn off your furnace for the season, it may need a second to warm up. Like the heat in your car, sometimes it requires a bit before you’re good to go. After about 15 mins, if it still isn’t warm, it’s likely something else.

Check your thermostat

If the thermostat dial is turned to “on” and not “auto,” you will cycle the current air. It’s also possible your thermostat isn’t operating as it should, in which case, refer to your owner’s manual for troubleshooting options.

Change your filter

If you can’t remember the last time you changed your filter, there’s a good chance it is clogged. When the air takes too long to push through the filter, there will be less air to heat, and it will take longer to move into your rooms. The longer the air delivery takes, the more heat escapes. 

Inspect your vents and ducts

Walk around any exposed ducts and vents to see if there are leaks or clogs. If you feel air coming from exposed ductwork, seal it with mastic tape. If your vents are clogged, clean them out. 

Know when to call in the big guns 

If your system is still pushing cold air into your homes after you’ve checked off all the boxes, it may be time to call in Krantz Kooling & Heating for a check-up. Dirt buildup, mechanical failure, system wear-out, condensate line clogs, pilot light issues, heat exchanger failures, and issues with the gas supply could all cause your HVAC system to lose its ability to deliver heat. These require the hand of a professional, and a DIY solution can put your household at risk. 

Use someone who knows their way around HVAC systems. Krantz Kooling & Heating has been helping homeowners with furnace issues since 1983. Find out why central South Carolina residents turn to us for their furnace needs. Call us today!

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