What is the SEER Rating?

The SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) is how the efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment is measured. The SEER is the amount of cooling your system will deliver per dollar spent on electricity, as compared to other systems. For example, a 3-ton unit may have a SEER efficiency rating of 13, 14, or 15. The higher the SEER the more efficient the system will be. The SEER rating of any given unit can range anywhere from 13 to 21.

Why is the SEER rating on the Energy Guide different than what my dealer quoted?

Each split system cooling unit has a nominal SEER rating. This rating can be increased with the upgrade of the same series indoor unit. The SEER rating of a system is based on the combination of equipment installed in the home. The outdoor equipment (heat pump or air conditioner), as well as the indoor equipment (evaporator coil and furnace, or air handler), play a vital role in the total rating.

Why should I have regular (or preventative) maintenance? And how often should I have it performed?

Your heating and cooling systems work incredibly hard to perform their functions for your home everyday. The constant stopping, starting and continual operation can wear down any machine if the proper care and maintenance is delayed. However, by performing regular maintenance, you can maximize the lifecycle of your heating or cooling unit and guard against many common equipment failures. Preventive maintenance inspections performed on a regular basis can uncover leaks, rust, rot, soot, frayed wires and corroded electrical contacts. You should have maintenance completed on your system regularly to ensure maximum efficiency and prevent possible problems that may occur in the near future.

What equipment requires regular (or preventative) maintenance?

Heat pumps and air conditioners require a professional tune-up twice a year; in the spring and fall. Inspections on boiler and furnace systems should include ductwork, pipes, dampers, valves, the chimney, registers, radiators, pumps, blowers, fuel lines, oil tank and every part of the actual furnace and boiler. Meanwhile, heat pump and air conditioning unit inspections should also include inspections of the fan, compressor, indoor coils, outdoor coils, and refrigerant lines.

I need help troubleshooting a problem with my equipment.

As your local Trane dealer, Krantz Kooling and Heating is your troubleshooting expert, and is glad to help you. In addition, Trane also provides a network of troubleshooting technicians at Trane Distribution centers across the country which Krantz Kooling and Heating will utilize to address your concern. Should we encounter a situation that requires additional factory help, we will contact our factory supported Service Manager(s) for assistance.

What are the advantages of a programmable thermostat?

Since they are electronic, programmable thermostats are more accurate and efficient than thermostats that contain mercury. With programmable thermostats you can control the temperature in your home at different times of day without ever touching your thermostat. Because everything is automatic, you will never forget to change the setting on your own.

What type of filter should I use? And how often should I replace it?

Standard filters work to keep your system and its ductwork clean, but they don’t really improve indoor air quality. To do that you need a media air cleaner. The media filter rests between the main return duct and the blower cabinet and will improve dust and particle removal up to seven times that of a standard filter. However, upgrading to a pleated media filter will remove everything from dust to airborne viruses from the filtered air. Always choose a filter that matches your blower’s capacity. For optimal efficiency and filtration, we recommend that you replace your disposable filters at least once a month. If you have washable filters, they should be cleaned once a month.

Why can't I find the correct size furnace filter at my local home improvement store for my Trane Brand Equipment?

Filters for your Trane unit are made from higher-quality materials than those of the disposable filters found in retail stores. For that reason, replacement Trane filters can only be purchased through a Trane dealer. However, keep in mind that some Trane filters are reusable, and can be washed by hand in cold water.

Where can I get parts for my Trane equipment?

As a Trane dealer, we are the best resource for identifying and supplying the correct, current parts for your system, as well as pricing and availability.

Which Trane equipment will best fit my home?

There are many factors that affect the sizing and specifications of your system, including square footage, insulation, window surface and configuration, geographic location of your home, duct sizing and arrangement, and many others. Krantz Kooling and Heating can perform an in-home load analysis to determine which equipment combinations will perfectly suit your home and your family’s needs. Depending upon the construction of your home, one (1) ton of air conditioning can cool anywhere from 300 to 800 square feet of home. The only way to ensure the size of the system you purchase will be large enough to heat or cool your home, but not any larger than you need, is to have your home’s individual heating and cooling needs evaluated by a licensed professional.

What does my warranty cover?

Under the standard factory warranty, Trane covers parts that fail during the warranty period due to defect in the part. The warranty does not cover labor. A warranty certificate was included with your homeowner information packet, and is specific to the model numbers, serial numbers and installation dates of your products.  All Trane equipment that we install is registered with Trane Corporation to ensure your 10 year parts warranty.  If you cannot find your warranty certificate, Krantz Kooling and Heating will also be able to provide you with that information. With a Krantz Kooling and Heating Total Comfort Plan, you’ll have a ten year parts and labor warranty on your Trane equipment.

What is the life expectancy of my unit?

Dependable Trane products are among the longest lasting heating and cooling products available. For your specific equipment, there are many variables that affect life expectancy, including, of course, the regularity of routine maintenance.

Customer Reviews

Amy H.
20:26 13 Dec 21
We have had multiple wonderful experiences with Krantz and I highly recommend them!read more
Pete Middleton Jr
13:36 19 Nov 21
We have been customers for over 12 years, and we are very happy with the way they take care of our HVAC system and look out for our comfort. Good, honest people.read more
Valiantsina Yanos
19:32 09 Sep 21
Thank you for a great customer service. It's nice working with your company. We are very happy with service which provide your technician Shane. Excellent knowledge , high professional ethics, very respectful, punctual, always on time and helpful. Thank you very much 🙏🙏🙏read more
staci chitty
13:06 02 Sep 21
Most pleased with their customer service and professionalism. Prices are very reasonable with great response/availability. Will use again and gladly recommend.read more
Patrick Dyer
14:10 01 Sep 21
Kenny arrived at the time scheduled. Very professional. When entering our home he covered his shoes to not track dirt in. He thoroughly cleaned the coil on our outside unit and did necessary checks. Pricing was very reasonable. I’ll be calling Krantz for any HVAC needs I have in the future.read more
Brian Habing
23:46 31 Aug 21
Had a new HVAC unit and a new return installed to replace our 30 year old one that was on its last legs. Professional estimates and installation, and patiently answered my e-mail questions as we decided on who to go with. They stuck with estimate even when they decided some custom vent work would look better (it did!) and some of the walls might have been a bit harder than they hoped. Three months in and we're very happy with everything (including the greatly reduced electricity bills).read more
Doug Crolley
18:44 27 Aug 21
I wish I would have called them 2 years ago. They just replaced my entire unit. The price was very fair also the job was done very professionally, quickly and clean. Branden was my main contact along with Don. I really appreciate how fast they did everything and how concerned they were for making things comfortable for me and my wife. Thanks for everything. Douglas Crolleyread more
Charles Johnson
14:13 26 Aug 21
Krantz installed a new system for me 6 months ago and just came out for a follow-up service. I highly recommend this company. Great job and great people.read more
polly skillman
00:51 15 Aug 21
Excellent company! Our AC unit went out and of course it was after business hours! Krantz Kooling and Heating replaced our unit less than 24 hours! Triston went above and beyond to get us in contact with Justin! Justin sent us a proposal after business hours! The receptionist called me at 8am and told me they would be at our house within the hour. (I did not catch her name) Very impressive customer service! Carl and Chris were the install techs and their work was very efficient! Everyone I spoke to was phenomenal!read more
Geo H
13:01 11 Aug 21
Excellent company with friendly knowledgeable people from the office to the technicians. They show up on time and preform excellent work. I highly recommend Krantz!read more
Sandy Hund
13:20 02 Aug 21
Staff (Taylor and Tristan)were very professional and knowledgeable. All of my questions were answered and my concerns addressed. I am looking forward to our business relationship going forward and will not hesitate to recommend Krantz!read more
sean mcbride
16:00 16 Jul 21
Excellent service. I'm very happy with the technician. I also appreciate that they were able to provide the service on the same day I called. I know that's difficult in the summer.read more
Laura Belen
14:49 12 Jul 21
Always professional, courteous, helpful and very reasonably priced. I trust them!read more
Blake Fletcher
14:51 02 Jul 21
Tristan was very helpful and professional. They were able to come out the day of and did my ac unit. I highly recommend Krantz Kooling.read more
Carmen Courtwright
12:50 28 Jun 21
The technicians (Justin,Bobby and Sabastain) far surpassed my expectations. They kept me informed on progress and were punctual, professional and extremely knowledgeable. I wish I could rate higher than 5 stars!read more
Kim Byer
12:58 24 Jun 21
Kevin (I believe) pinpointed the problem immediately and fixed it. He was professional and courteous. I'll definitely call these guys again!read more
Liza Johnson
18:53 21 Jun 21
I’ve been using Krantz for many years. Super professional and reasonable. Would highly recommend.read more
Brian Trail
12:29 17 Jun 21
Used Krantz to do my HVAC inspection upon buying my home, used them to repair my heat when it went out, and use them now twice a year to service my unit. Easy to communicate and they’re reliable. You get what you pay for!read more
Steven D Acuff
19:54 24 May 21
On time arrival, quality, efficient work completed in a timely manner, reasonable costs. Good folks to work with for last 5 years. I do recommend them.read more
Michael Taylor
20:29 21 Apr 21
I’ve be a customer for several years now and they have never let me down. Unlike some companies they don’t try and sell me something I don’t need. The technicians are well prepared, courteous and efficient. Fees are very reasonable.read more
Matthew Walsh
12:48 18 Apr 21
Had an issue with my HVAC system. Had a tech come out to check and was given the information I needed so my family could discuss. No pressure to take action I didn't need. Will only use them going forward and would highly recommend!read more
Charlotte Cobb
00:35 01 Apr 21
I’ve been a Krantz client for the past couple of years and I wish that I’d discovered them sooner. My most recent visit was excellent. The technician communicated well, was friendly, and did everything he said he was going to do. Plus, the office staff is always polite and ready to help!read more
Christie Kinney
23:41 31 Mar 21
Excellent company! They did the HVAC inspection when I bought my house, and they recently did a quick repair when my AC wasn't working properly. They arrived on time and their prices are very reasonable. I have an older unit and they did not try to scam me into buying a new unit. I will never use any other company for my HVAC services. Krantz is where it's at!read more
Beth Brooks J.
12:00 30 Mar 21
Krantz Kooling is very quick to respond and provides excellent customer service. I am glad that I chose them to inspect my home years ago and continue to use them for all things related to my air conditioning needs. I highly recommend them!read more
Andrea Paschal
02:17 16 Mar 21
We needed to replace an old HVAC unit. Krantz provided options and were able to put it in quickly. The technician was friendly and professional. The job was done well with follow up for our energy rebate information and to make sure we were comfortable with the system.read more
Kyle Sobus
15:21 07 Jan 21
I used Krantz for a home inspection. I initially thought is was unnecessary to use an hvac company on top of the home inspector, but it was very much worth it. They found a lot of stuff that needed to be addressed. They performed a variety of repairs and did a quality job. We also got a service agreement in the closing of the house. They performed their first servicing and looked into all my concerns and did a thorough job. The technician I had was very straight forward and honest, providing me with valuable information for my units going forward. I'd highly recommend them for inspections, servicing, and repairs. I haven't used them for other services, but I expect they would be quality too!read more
M Hutchinson
14:41 31 Dec 20
I can’t say enough good things about Krantz. I have lived in Columbia my whole life and have used the services of many local HVAC companies. None have come close to the level of customer service that Krantz provides. Super quick response time when called, showing up when promised, clean and courteous are a few ways to describe Krantz. Of course, none of this would matter a whole lot if they weren’t competent and fair which they are at a high level. They get the job done! 5 stars for Krantz.read more
Melissa Mosteller
14:33 31 Dec 20
Krantz came out in July and installed a brand new heating/air unit. They were very nice and accommodating. We dealt with a lot of their staff over the process and everyone was equally friendly & helpful. Would definitely recommend. They came out yesterday for a complimentary service and I was very pleased.read more
Paulette Barrs
20:19 29 Dec 20
We had an amazing experience with Krantz Kooling and Heating. Not only are they very professional and courteous they went well beyond our expectations. The initial evaluation done by Corey was very detailed and he took the time to answer all of our questions. The installation of two new Trane systems was done by two of their expert crews all in one day and we couldn't have been more pleased. Everything was done per our agreement and in a super timely manner. I highly recommend their services, I am sure you will not be disappointed!read more
M Baker
16:17 10 Dec 20
We have had an excellent experience with Krantz Kooling and Heating for maintenance of our AC and furnace. Angel is always helpful and friendly when we call to schedule. After a recent issue with our system, Cory provided us with all the options with no pressure. We felt well-informed when we decided to replace both our AC and furnace. Kendrick and Carl did an awesome job during the install. We know it was a difficult install and we really appreciated the care and the time Kendrick and Carl took in getting our system set up and clearing out the old system. We definitely recommend Krantz and their awesome staff to everyone.read more
Pamela McFarland
14:45 11 Nov 20
These guys are honest and that’s a rare find these days. When others said all new ducts were needed...they said only a repair was needed. Worked great after they did their thing. They take time to explain everything. I will always call them for heating and air issues!read more
Rhonda Harris
13:07 02 Nov 20
Krantz was recommended to inspect the unit at the houses I reviewed for purchase. I was impressed with Justin's honesty and thoroughness. So much so after I purchased the second house he inspected for me 5 years ago, I have only used Krantz for my heating / air needs! I trust them and they have never disappointed me. They are honest and straightforward and I value that!read more
Matthew Moosbrugger
12:08 28 Oct 20
As always Krantz was responsive and on time. Once the issue was identified the technician researched ways to save me money and found I had one month left on my units warranty thus saving me hundreds of dollars. This is how Krantz works always looking out for their customers. Great local family owned business with courteous and professional staff. Wouldn’t use anyone else nor should you. Five stars.read more
02:18 25 Oct 20
I had an aging system on my house that was on its last leg and needed replacement. Cory came out on time and provided a fair estimate for the work that was to be completed. On install day Jason and the crew showed up on time and did a great job on the installation. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again in the future.read more
nicholas soto
14:43 22 Oct 20
Excellent work! Very professional and explained everything to me in detail. Would highly recommend.read more
Wayne Krantz
13:07 14 Oct 20
Same name but not related. This company has done several projects at our home and always improves our situation. Clean and courteous. Wears mask and shoe covers. Prices are very reasonable for excellent results.read more
00:48 12 Oct 20
During an extremely hot weekend this summer, our air conditioner gave out. We called Krantz and a service person was at our home on a Sunday within 2 hours. Unfortunately the news was not good--total replacement required. Even worse, it could not be done for a few days. But the service our situation was so dire and Corey was so awesome, we were lent two window units until our system could be replaced. The follow-up has been above and beyond. It is as if we were family and our comfort and satisfaction was Corey's only concern! I will use Krantz for any heating or air conditioning services. He also helped us with a fallen screen door!read more
Mike Bamonte
10:58 25 Sep 20
Jason and Carl installed a new Trane HIVAC system in our house and did a fantastic job! They were very professional and efficient. Have been use Krantz for years and totally trust them!read more
Rick Macon
19:35 23 Sep 20
Impressed! Best price, they showed up on time and the attention to detail was first class. Jason and Carl were professional and courteous and I highly recommend Krantz Kooling & Heating. Will be using Krantz exclusively going forward for all my HVAC needs.read more
Cotton LeFrans
23:09 01 Sep 20
I could not be happier that I called Krantz! My AC went out and they were able to diagnose it the same day that I called them. 2 days later, it was fixed and didn't break the bank! What was really impressive is their professionalism! Daniel did an amazing job and is very professional! Don't bother calling anyone else! Call Krantz like now!read more
17:52 28 Aug 20
What a great company & great people when you need heating & air service. They kept my old system running for years beyond its anticipated longevity, and when it was time, installed a great Trane unit at a good price. Family owned and operated, have gotten to know both Justin & Brandon Krantz...can't speak more highly of them.read more
Jeffrey Balaschak
23:05 27 Aug 20
Krantz was recommended to me and now I recommend them as well! Worked a schedule with me and installation went so well! Friendly, professional team. I appreciate Kyle and Brendon for showing me the whole process.read more
Keith Lindler
00:39 21 Aug 20
We have had two mini splits installed at our Chapin home. Their staff was professional and the work was excellent. They were very particular to make sure their workmanship was 100 percent.read more
Gen Hayes
14:58 31 Jul 20
I just had my unit serviced by Jeremain and I am beyond happy with the appointment! He was timely, professional and walked me through everything he was doing. He informed me that the last homeowner removed the UV cleaner in the duct work which I had no idea was a thing. Since I have one unit pushing my three story house and air quality may be an issue, I did not hesitate. He gave a reasonable quote and was able to install it right then and there. You can't ask for better customer service. Thanks Jeremain!!!read more
Hunt Graydon
18:53 28 Jul 20
Carl and Jason showed up and got to work quickly. They were both very professional and helpful. Answered any questions I had and had the air running in less than 3 hours (this was a new unit install). Incredible team! Would recommend Krantz Kooling to anyone looking for any HVAC work.read more
Katie Reed
15:18 28 Jul 20
Within three hours of calling Krantz Kooling, they had our AC fixed! Was charged a diagnositc fee and price for part. Would highly recommend this company!read more
Lori Yandle
21:49 09 Jul 20
Our team from Krantz was fantastic! Cory, DeVonte and Kyle were professional, polite and personable. It was a pleasure to do business with them! Highly recommend this company and these young men.read more
Danny Mudd
01:23 09 Jul 20
Krantz serviced our HVAC and clearly articulated that the unit was not up to code and the duct work was sub-par. This was not a huge surprise given our experience with the previous vendor who fitted the unit and duct work. The crew (Carl, Jason, Kyle and Devontae) that came to bring the unit to code and install all new duct work were a pleasure to have in our home. They worked quickly and quietly, at a time when I am working from home and spend a majority of my day on calls. They were extremely personable and efficient, leaving us without air for less than 12 hours, which given the time of year was amazing! The whole team, including the office staff, have been responsive and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Krantz to anyone!read more
Jeetah Keelie
23:20 07 Jul 20
These guys are the best ! been working with Justin and the team there for 6 years now since I've been in the area and whether it's service or sales, they always come through. Everyone that shows up is knowledgeable, polite, does great work and they clean up when done too. They've serviced and replaced all the units in my house now. Nothing but 5 star service from these guys !read more
David Kyle
20:10 26 Jun 20
Great experience with Krantz! The HVAC system in my home was on it's last leg and was really struggling. Called them for repairs, but it turned out the most cost effective path was a replacement. I got a quote from them, as well as a few other vendors, and Krantz was the best deal. They were able to install 3 days later. The install team showed up on time and were very courteous and professional. The entire process took about 5 hours, and they were kind enough to take all the old stuff with them. The difference with the new system was noticeably immediately. Very happy with my experience, and I know that feeling will continue when future power bills come. Thank you Krantz Team!read more
lawrence jones
16:43 27 May 20
5 stars for this company, spoke with Mr. Krantz who was very professional and gave me an exact time the technician would arrive. Mr. Kenny Bastian the technician went straight to work troubleshooting my problem and within minutes knew exactly what was going on. 2 thumbs up Mr. Bastian and may GOD richly bless you and your 5 year old !!! Stay safe..read more
Dianne Poston
21:20 15 May 20
Sebastian and Kendrique installed my new Heil a/c and gas furnace. Their work was excellent and efficient from their prompt arrival through completion. They were both professional and knowledgeable. Cory was the project manager. He explained all replacement options very well. I had several follow up questions to which he responded in a knowledgeable and timely manner. I’ve been doing business with Krantz for many years and would definitely recommend them to anyone needing heating /ac solutions.read more
Mary Pat Baldauf
15:20 18 Mar 20
Came across these guys quite by accident on a Black Friday at Belk. I wish we could go back thank that salesperson. Best company. Very trustworthy, which is important for single female homeowners. The guys are polite, don't use a lot of jargon and don't talk down to us. We've seen this company really grow and especially appreciate the ability to make an appointment online. Thanks, once again, for getting the job done.read more
Shannon Watson
13:24 25 Feb 20
I have used Krantz for years and they always respond immediately to my calls. They work hard to fit me into the schedule as soon as possible. They answer all my questions and take time to explain everything. They are very helpful, honest and friendly. I will continue using them for ALL of our heating and air needs.read more
Michele Emerick
07:03 02 Feb 20
I can't speak highly enough about Krantz Kooling and Heating. This is a company that went the extra mile and took care of me. I am relocating here from Florida and the unit in the place I bought wasn't working and it was seriously cold. The manager, Justin, sent out a team the next day even though it was a Saturday (no extra charge). Carl and Kyle came in and hit the ground running. What a great team they are. They knew exactly what they were doing and did a great job. They were here for hours and I don't think they ever took a break. I had heard about the southern hospitality and these guys seriously exhibited that. I could go on and on about how impressed I am with this company and Carl and Kyle, but suffice it to say that you can't go wrong with using Krantz.read more
Bruce Auld
16:14 31 Jan 20
Since our home is relatively new I have not had anyone check out our heating & cooling system. I called Krantz Heating & Cooling to have someone come out to do a check out Brandon Krantz came and spent some time looking at the unit and the thermostat. He was very thorough and knowledgeable with his checking of the whole system operation and answered all my questions. Brandon was very courteous and professional. I was very satisfied with the service I received and will definitely use Krantz again. I will be signing up for their yearly service agreement program.read more
Aaron Hydrick
03:08 21 Jan 20
The installation team arrived on time, and prepared. Install went well, team was methodical, courteous and professional. Verified installation function after install complete and made certain that I was satisfied with the work. I would both recommend and use Krantz Kooling and Heating again, based on the experience today.read more
Gail Hall
16:46 27 Dec 19
I bought a new home a few months ago that needed a new ac and heat unit. I learned that the last year’s electric and gas bills ranged from $300-$500/month. After having Krantz replace my duct work and install a new heat and ac unit in my new home my first heat and gas bill was $130!!! In addition, the crew that did all the work was incredible. They worked under such adverse conditions and never complained . They were all professional, friendly and very diligent in getting the job done. Justin was very kind and easy to reach- he helped me out over the phone several times. I wholeheartedly recommend Krantz Heating and Kooling.read more
Matthew Brown
20:34 21 Dec 19
Justin and his family have been taking care of my family’s heating and air needs for almost a decade. Great customer service. They are always available and always at a fair price. Great folks and great company! Would absolutely recommend.read more
Drew Williams
12:04 19 Dec 19
We’ve used Krantz to replace a system, add an additional system and redo ducts. They’ve always been very quick, reliable, knowledgeable and have done the work at a fair price. They’ve also been very quick to attend to any warranty issues. They are a great, local company.read more
K Cannon
21:29 18 Dec 19
Krantz has consistently been an ethical, conscientious, and responsive HVAC service provider since I started using them years ago. AND they do a really good job! I highly recommend Krantz.read more
Basil Garzia
19:35 11 Dec 19
A shout out to Kenny Sinchak at Krantz for his thorough, meticulous, careful work on my two units last Thursday, Dec 5th. Can't say enough about his work ethic and customer service. Looking forward to working with him in the future.read more
Robin Ellis
12:16 29 Nov 19
Justin was very knowledgeable about the split unit we wanted to purchase and he told in detail how it would be installed. Within about a week of ordering, the unit was installed and is working great! The installers did a wonderful job removing and filling in around where the previous window unit was, much better than I had even expected. I would definitely recommend this company and Justin.read more
Twila Jones
15:56 28 Oct 19
I’ve been a loyal customer of Krantz for years. Justin was the first person I encountered and has been my go-to HVAC expert ever since. Krantz is a wonderful company. The quotes are competitive and their team is always professional & personal!read more
Eleanor Craig
17:22 14 Oct 19
Krantz has been my Hgt and Air company for 32 years! I trust them completely. Recently had my Air Conditioner replaced and I appreciated the excellent service and fair cost.read more
Dawn Massey
02:26 04 Oct 19
Really appreciate the honesty and dependability. Cory was polite and knowledgeable. Great company.read more
Andrew Huscusson
21:10 03 Oct 19
It’s a pleasure working with Cory Auld every time! Cory worked very hard on getting us all the information we needed and made the process very easy. A big thanks to Cory and Krantz Kooling and Heating!read more
Brian Hinson
20:28 09 Sep 19
I've been using this company about 20yrs, for my personal property as well as multiple rental rental properties I've had over the years. Justin & Brandon Krantz always give me an honest evaluation. The character of these guys is a true testament as to why this company has been in business for so long!read more
Kyle Michel
20:00 12 Jul 19
A family owned and operated local business that gives top-notch service for a fair price. They know their business and are honest - they won't try to up-sell you if you don't need it. I've been with Krantz for over a decade after my old guys tried to sell me a whole new unit when all I needed was a $350 repair. If you start using Krantz, you won't be sorry and you won't ever have to look for another HVAC company.read more
Pete Strom
17:32 10 Jul 19
I have been using Krantz for several years for both repair and to replace old units. They are the best. I have recommended them to others and they are equally satisfied.read more
Elizabeth Wherley Regan
16:56 10 Jul 19
Highly recommended. I had a great experience. Same day service for my AC unit which was taken out by a lightening strike. Worked until 7pm on a Friday to get it going for the weekend while a part was ordered. Corry and Justin were hardworking and courteous.read more
Michael Sierra
17:53 27 Jun 19
I received the best customer service from Krantz Kooling & Heating. Everyone I talked to was great and very courteous. My AC unit went out and I was on the fence of whether it should be repaired or replaced. They gave me all the options and recommendations with no sales pressure. They repaired my older unit and it runs better than ever. Saved me a lot of money. They put my best interest first. Could have not had a better experience. Highly recommended.read more
Mark Ridgell
14:04 11 Jun 19
Krantz has a very knowledgeable staff that is available 24/7. They are very reasonably priced and the office personnel are so nice and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone that wants quality service at a great price.read more
Turner Properties
13:39 11 Jun 19
This is a great heating air company. We are a large management company in South Carolina and have been working with them on and off for over 10 years. Justin and his team run a very professional organization you will not be disappointed if you work with them.read more
Michael Allen
16:28 31 May 19
AC repair and service. Excellent customer service from Holly. Tech was great too. Thank you!read more
Daniel Osborne
01:03 22 May 19
Been using Krantz Kooling since 2001 at my first home in Cayce. They have handled every home since and now handle my commercial business too! The great customer service from Rodney, Justin and the crew can not be beat!!!!read more
Jay Robinson
18:01 20 Mar 19
Justin was super friendly on the phone and got a technician out to our house immediately due to our newborn and our heat going out overnight. John came over was quick to assess the issue, made a recommendation and fixed the problem all in two hours hours. Great people, very knowledgeable and quick! Thanks! Robinson Family, Whitehallread more
Joseph Eisenreich
13:54 08 Mar 19
We've used Justin and his crew for our homes - we've moved - and some other properties we own. Their professionalism and honesty has always been top notch, and they are always 100% dedicated to figuring out exactly what the underlying problem is. We were having a problem with one of our units randomly shutting off and while we feared having to replace it, they came out two or three times and figured out a pretty complicated (to us) problem, offered multiple potential solutions, and fixed it immediately. Unequivocally recommend these guys!read more
Justin Dumais
22:45 21 Feb 19
Justin and his team were superb. They provided the most competitive quote, completed installation in a timely matter, and were easily reachable for questions. I replaced two units and the ducting in my crawl space; my utility bill dropped from $318 to $110. The upgrades will pay for themselves faster than I could have anticipated. Thank you!read more
Lauren Williams
21:04 19 Feb 19
The service specialist, John, is absolutely wonderful! He is very knowledgable and professional! I'm definetly calling Krantz when I'm in need of another HVAC service!read more
Eric Shealy
12:57 13 Feb 19
This company has done a lot of work for me this past year. Buying a house that was sold to me with the promise of new HVAC and then finding out that it wasn't even up to code was pretty infuriating. But, Justin and his team corrected everything and installed a great system (and continue to provide excellent service!) I highly recommend them!read more
Renee Madden
14:56 10 Jan 19
My shiny armored white knights! Krantz fixed the mess Love Plumbing left me with. Using a Manual J, the benefit of their experience, and common sense, Krantz crafted an HVAC system appropriate for my house. They even fabricated a new return duct in my driveway! Unlike Love Plumbing's visual pollution with their huge billboards, Krantz relies on word of mouth from satisfied customers to grow its business.read more
Marilyn Ardis
17:02 15 Dec 18
I have been a Krantz customer for many years, and they did their best to keep my old HVAC system in working order. This fall, the system developed a problem, which would have been too expensive to repair, and invest in a unit which needed to have other repairs. I chose to replace the system and all of my ancient ductwork at the same time. After an initial consultation with Justin Krantz, in which everything was explained to me, the Krantz team came in, and over the course of several days they removed the old unit and ductwork, and replaced everything. They did an incredible job, and finished after dark, the day before Thanksgiving. It was important to me to have a company I trusted to do this project, and with Krantz, I knew they would do a great job, and stand behind their work. I would highly recommend them. Marilyn Ardisread more
Stephen Shales
20:36 30 Nov 18
Thank you Justin, Chad, Stephen and the crew at Krantz Cooling and heating. I shopped around but ending up going with my realtor's recommendation for a completed HVAC overhaul. New ducts, handler and condenser on our 1950s home. The crew stayed late one evening that was going to get very cold to make sure we had heat. No pressure sales to upsell me on a more expensive unit either. Thanks again!read more
Mindy Watkins
20:46 23 Nov 18
We have been doing business with Krantz Kooling & Heating for several years now. From large installations to small repairs, they are a pleasure to do business with. They are an honest, trustworthy...simply put....OUTSTANDING company that truly cares about their customers. Justin Krantz goes above and beyond all expectations!!! He is amazing. We are very fortunate to have such an outstanding company like this in the Columbia area. Mindy Watkinsread more
Bill McCormick
02:26 14 Nov 18
These guys did an incredible job for me - careful - meticulous attention to the smallest detail - considerate - competent. I am just going to put it this way - this is the second full installation that I've had done in this house which I have lived in for 35 years - I have worked with a couple of ac and heating contractors - these guys set the high water mark for everyone else!read more
15:17 01 Sep 18
Very pleased with the service provided by this family run business. My unit went out last night before the Labor day weekend. As you can imagine, finding help on a holiday weekend isn't the easiest. Justin and his Dad were very helpful when I called earlier today to help me get my unit back and running quickly. Great service and a pleasure to do business with. Highly recommend for any of your HVAC needs.read more
20:59 21 Jul 18
I simply could not more HIGHLY recommend an AC/Heating Co as I do Krantz Kooling and Heating. Long story short ...My air went out Wednesday and all I can say is that from the moment I contacted these fine folks they have provided me nothing but EXEMPLARY Service. From the kind and wonderful ladies I spoke with on the phone to the initial guy John who diagnosed my issues which lead to a subsequent visit from Justin Krantz (who I very importantly might add here so very kindly and patiently took the time to explain in layman's terms to me all things AC🙌🎉) to the also very AWESOME and 2 fine gentlemen (Chris and Sebastian) who showed up promptly at 9 am as I was instructed they would be and who are still here at my home now as I am writing this installing a brand new complete heating and air system on their weekend, all I can say is that they certainly "represent" in a most honorable and dignified fashion and most certainly could and SHOULD be used in this Industry as the measuring stick to which all AC/Heating Co's should aspire to conduct business EXACTLY like. KUDOS to this absolutely wonderful group🙌🎉❤️! If I could be allowed to give a higher rating than 5 Stars I would without hesitation. #myheroes 🎉😍 #inowhaveac❤️💃 #loveKrantzkooling&heating❄️😘read more
Brent B Mullis
13:06 11 Jul 18
Performed non-contract callout promptly with knowledgeable staff. Accurate diagnosis and on the spot repairs.read more
Robbie Stone
19:57 13 Jun 18
If you need a great heating and cooling company let this be your first and last call. I had 4 different people out to look at my unit and they were the only company to figure out what was wrong with it instead of trying to make me purchase a brand new one they helped me get it Fixed in a reasonable time. I would highly recommend them.read more
Andrea Fuller
15:29 16 Apr 18
I wish all businesses had this kind of customer service! These guys are hard-working, kind, fast, and thorough. After we received a new unit from them, my husband mentioned it to a co-worker . . . last count, 9 of his co-workers have called Krantz Kooling & Heating based on our experience, and they have exceeded expectations every time. We wouldn't think of using anyone else!read more
Bryan Quinn
20:10 13 Apr 18
Have used Krantz Heating and Air the past 4 years. They have always been reliable and easy to get in touch with. Enjoy working with a family business and appreciate their professionalism.read more
Marydith Springs
17:26 13 Apr 18
Krantz is the company you want for all of your HVAC needs. We have done business with them for many years and they have handled everything from service to replacement. They are knowledgeable, RELIABLE, and respond quickly to service requests ( even in a 4th of July crisis!). I have spoken with various people in the company and all are courteous, polite and professional. I would not use anyone else!read more
Ron Walker
01:59 13 Apr 18
Great People,Good Service .I highly recommend these guys for all your heating and cooling needsread more
JT Livingston
01:23 13 Apr 18
Have used Krantz Kooling for personal use and for my clients now for 6 years. Very knowledgeable experience company. Office staff is very easy to get along with overall a a very good company!read more
Matt Sexton
01:22 13 Apr 18
I am a commercial property manager with one of the top firms in SC. I have been doing business with Krantz since '07, and these guys are top notch in both commercial and residential HVAC services. Much like finding a good plumber or electrician, it is not easy to find a good HVAC company that you can trust. With Krantz, you can confidently rest assured they have your best interest in heart for your next quarterly preventative maintenance or energy savings HVAC project. Local family that cares about local people, yet professional and always competitively priced.read more
George Lamira
18:32 15 Jan 18
The very best when it comes to customer service satisfaction, before replacing any hardware and making you spend to much. Rest assured Krantz cooling will go above and beyond to fix or troubleshoot your unit before replacing it. Saving you time and money. Very reliable and very trust worthy people. Not just once they helped me but twice, especially on a cold winter night spare of the moment kinda thing. 2003 The week before I was deployed to Iraq Krantz Cooling & Heating fixed my AC unit I was rest assured my family was safe and sound with no trouble. I highly recommend Krantz Cooling & Heating for your services.read more
Steven Diaz
18:01 06 Nov 17
Brandon Young
23:10 05 Jun 17
amy leaphart
20:07 01 Jun 16
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