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Air conditioning systems fail at the most inopportune times. That's why our Krantz service team provides after-hours services scheduled for the following day when you need immediate AC repair. Our NATE-certified service technicians will repair your system using manufacturer-quality parts and get your system operating again.

One way to catch small problems before they become major ones is by scheduling regular HVAC maintenance. Krantz’s service technicians offer regular HVAC maintenance that you can schedule at your convenience.

Signs Your System May Need an Air Conditioning Repair

Your air conditioner often gives you clues that repairs may be necessary. If your system isn't turning on or doesn’t sufficiently cool the air in your home, you need to give it some attention. Look for the following signs that your system may need an air conditioning repair service:

  • Unusual AC noises: Clanging, rattling, squealing, and other unusual noises signal that there is an issue with your air conditioning system. To prevent further damage, turn off the system and call Krantz immediately.
  • Leaking water, ice on the compressor, or frozen evaporator coils: Sometimes a water leak signals that the AC unit's drain tube needs cleaning or that refrigerant is getting low. But significant water leaks, ice buildup on the compressor or frozen evaporator coils can point to signs of a larger problem with your system. Turn off your system immediately and call the Krantz service team.
  • Leaking refrigerant: Leaks in the refrigerant lines of your air conditioning system can significantly affect the performance of your air conditioning unit. If you suspect leaking refrigerant may be the cause of your AC system's poor performance, contact Krantz. Our service technicians will check your system's refrigerant levels and look for and repairs leaks in the lines.

A tripped circuit breaker or a problem with the wiring may be to blame if your air conditioner isn’t turning on. Major electrical issues aren't ones you should troubleshoot on your own. Call Krantz, and we'll send one of our service technicians to your home to diagnose and correct the problem.

Expert Air Conditioning Repair

Our NATE-certified air conditioning service team can identify and resolve AC problems and restore your system to proper working order. Call one of our service technicians for quality service when you need cooling comfort the most. Our service areas include Columbia, Forest Acres, Lexington, Dentsville, Blythewood, Irmo, Chapin, Cayce, West Columbia, SC and the surrounding areas.

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